? Service Network

Asia Service Network

Wherever you are, we are available via our central service hotline: +65 6635-6920.
Our friendly and competent person will give you advice, answer a technical question, or tell you the number and contact person you need to deal with your request.

  • 24/7 expert support for your safety at sea
  • More than 45 service stations all over the world
  • Over 250 authorized service engineers in 40 countries, regularly trained to the latest IMO regulations, 
    provide technical support on commercial ships, offshore rigs, cruise liners, navy vessels and yachts.
  • They are backed up by the technical support of Fassmer engineering – including our in-house design department.
  • Upgrading of Fassmer hooks, rehooking of non-Fassmer boats, inspections, regular maintenance and repairs, fleet service agreements, training of crew members to help operators of vessels to comply with 
    the latest international SOLAS regulations