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Our Products

From the company's early beginnings in 1850 Fassmer has been contributing to safety at sea with innovative Lifeboats, Davits, Winches and Rescue boats. Through our inhouse research and design department we are constantly working to further improve the safety and reliability of our marine life-saving solutions. We continue to set higher safety standards and have cooperated with IMO and governmental authorities to integrate such improved safety standards into new regulations.

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Fassmer Freefall Lifeboats - maximum safety!

Make the best of the worst case! If the worst case happens, only speed and reliability count. A freefall lifeboat is the fastest and safest way of escaping from a vessel/platform. Fassmer offers solutions for up to 26 m freefall and for up to 42 people with outstandingly reliable davit systems using real rollers. Simulated launch systems are available for all our freefall lifeboats.

Fassmer Lifeboats and Tenders

This is the perfect synergy: Ship to shore and shore to ship with a high degree of comfort combined with additional lifeboat function. Fassmer delivers the first certified tender for up to 230 persons (267 persons lifeboat capacity). And as if that were not enough, Fassmer produces the most compact and shortest lifeboat for 150 persons available on the market.

Fassmer - the best way to get on board

Fassmer offers wide range of products to ensure that life on board is both functional and safe. Extensive experience with sea-resistant materials and a constant improvement of boarding systems, davits etc. make Fassmer an ideal partner for special deck equipment to meet individual demands. Fassmer’s service includes not only design andproduction but also installation on board, if desired. 

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Standard Products

Fassmer gangways are made of seawater-resistant aluminium and are suitable for merchant and passenger sea ships and pier-jetty-arrangements. All product variations comply with the regulations of international classification societies. The gangways vary in length from 2 to 20 m and can be from 2.000 to 600 mm wide. Their working range extends from -30° to 30° in relation to the horizontal line.

GRP-built gangways
This is an extraordinary example of the company’s innovative potential and effective use of internal synergies. This gangway forms part of the standard product line for boarding systems, and its product features are worth mentioning.
The gangway shown at the right measures 3m in length and was built for installation on a cruise vessel. The advantages of the material combination of glass-fibre-reinforced-plastic and aluminum are its straight and non-skid surface and its light weight. 
The geometry of the gangway is modified to follow the individual requirements of each vessel. Various types are available, and different widths and lengths can be produced on demand.

Working raft
Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, this working raft also complies with the regulations of international classification societies. This product is also available with an outboard motor.

Working basket
This working basket is built to carry a maximum of 3 persons. It is made of seawater-resistant aluminium. One of its sides is equipped with special treads to permit crew to enter. If required, it can also be delivered with a door.

Bulwark ladder
Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, the Fassmer bulwark ladder comes with a plug-in pipe railing on both sides and a head plate for attachment to the bulwark profile or tube. The possible heights of the bulwark can vary from 0.90m to 1.50m; the width between the side profiles measures 760mm. If required, the product can be adapted to fit other dimensions as well.

Swivel platform
Made of seawater-resistant aluminium or hot dipped galvanized steel. The platform can be turned to a maximum of 180°and folded to a maximum of 9°.